Force & Mladenoff

Applied Kinesiology Fundamentals

Be the physician you dream to be.

“Muscle testing as functional neurology allows diagnosis of an unparalleled accuracy and refinement.” ~George Goodheart, DC

AK System-Driven Healthcare

Access the nervous system with muscle testing

Examine neurologically/structurally/biochemically

Completely integrate history, exam & lab findings

Effectively blend ancient & modern therapies

Experience diagnostic & therapeutic precision

Blend the healing arts into a singular whole

Absorb 70 years of clinical experience!

You have an incredibly unique opportunity to learn applied kinesiology from two doctors who have been taught directly from Drs. George Goodheart and David Walther. Both Dr. Force and Mladenoff have decades of running full, cash only, referral only family practices based on a systems-driven natural healthcare model.

Evan Mladenoff, DC

AK Diplomate since 1981, Fellow of Acupuncture Society of America. The ONLY Team Doctor in 2 countries - Canadian National Canoe Team 1978/79 Doctor, Game Day Doctor for Kansas City Chiefs 1993 – 2005 and World Indoor Track and Field Championships Doctor in 2016. In practice 38 years.

Mark Force, DC

Developed formulas & run clinicals for Standard Process and Biotics Research, published peer-reviewed research, technical editor and contributor to numerous books on diagnosis and natural therapies for the physician, written a functional medicine approach book for lay selfcare - Choosing Health.

AK Fundamentals SCNM Tempe, AZ 2016-2017

Location: Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, 2140 E. Broadway Rd., Tempe, AZ 85282

Dates: Session 1 - October 22-23, Session 2 - November 19-20, Session 3 - December 10-11, Session 4 - January 21-22, Session 5 - February 18-19, Session 6 - April 22-23, Session 7 - May 20-21, Session 8 - June 3 – 4

Contact/Questions: Dr. Mark Force,, c 480.334.0475

Schedule: Saturday, 9am - 1pm, 2 - 6pm, Sunday, 9am - 1pm. Note: Free Saturday lunch catered by DSD Int’l (distributor for Biotics Research Corporation)

Fees per session: Doctor $320 / 1st yr Dr $240 / Student $160

Fees for full course prepay (save 20%): Doctor $2,050 (save $510) / 1st yr Dr $1,540 (save $380) / Student $1,020 (save $260) 

Note: Only physicians and student physicians are eligible to attend.